Second arrest made after deadly break-in

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Police have arrested a second person in connection with the homicide of a Waldorf pizza shop owner.

Larry Ellis Jr., 23, of Clinton was arrested and charged with the murder of Patricia Caniglia, 54, of Fort Washington. Cindi Rush, 20, of Baltimore, who was arrested May 1, allegedly set up the robbery of the Caniglia home on April 19.

Jeffrey Gilbert, 23, of Landover entered the Caniglias’ home in Fort Washington and shot her. According to police, Caniglia’s 24-year-old son, Antonio Caniglia, found Gilbert in the house and shot him to death with a shotgun.

Charging documents for Rush show that she matched the description of a young woman sitting in the driver’s seat of a car parked down the street from the Caniglias’ residence at the time of the shooting.

Police said the incident was not random, and the victim was targeted based on prior knowledge. Rush was an employee of Caniglia’s restaurant, Mama Mia’s in Waldorf, police said.

Cell phone records were used to verify that Rush was in the area at the time of the shooting. The same records also show that Rush and Gilbert, the shooting suspect, were in contact.

Charging documents also show that a friend of Rush’s confirmed there had been a prior relationship between Rush and Caniglia’s son.

Marcus Bowell is a barber at Chester’s Place, a barbershop in the same shopping center as Mama Mia’s. Bowell said he knew of Rush, but did not know her well.

‘‘She got involved with the wrong people,” Bowell said. ‘‘When she was with Tony, everything was hunky-dory.”

Bowell said the Caniglias brought Rush into the family. He said he could only assume her alleged betrayal of the family was because of the people she had started hanging out with.

Police are following up on the relationship between Antonio Caniglia and Rush. Police said Antonio Caniglia is not a suspect in the incident.

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