‘Scare' tactics won't build a highway

Friday, June 26, 2009

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The scare factor is now the driving force for the few cross-county connector proponents.

In regard to the letter by John Rutherford in which he states, akin to Commissioner Gary Hodge's Billingsley roadside grave marker pose, ‘‘That one of these days there will be a school bus upside down at the bottom of one of the dangerous curves'' ["The real cost of not building the connector," Maryland Independent, June 10].

Insurance companies know that traffic volume and speed are the deadliest accident-causing culprits.

That is why their rates reflect higher premiums for motorists in more densely traveled areas. The cross-county connector — if constructed — besides irreparably damaging the Mattawoman Creek watershed will also serve to bring more traffic volume and therefore more accidents to the roads than now currently exist.

That is just a plain simple fact.

A few years back, on flat and safe Route 225 in Charles County, a couple of children were killed getting off a school bus.

Tragic accidents statistically occur more often due to traffic volume, not roadway design. U.S. 301 takes many lives each year just as a statistical function of its existence, multitudes more than Billingsley Road will ever incur in its present condition.

Why doesn't Commissioner Hodge tear up and visit the grave side markers which dot U.S. 301 and Route 210 if he is so concerned about people losing their life on the roadways? How many flipped school buses have been found in the bottoms of Billingsley Road? How many school buses have been involved in accidents in this county and state on major highways due to increased traffic?

Everyone with an IQ over 100 knows the facts.

I say to Commissioner Hodge and Mr. Rutherford, either you are betting that most people in Charles County are under the 100 IQ mark and will give some credence to your political poses and drivel, or like a moth that continually bangs himself while going to a light, your lust for the cross-county connector is so close to the fire that you are personally unable to see sheer, foolish, self-serving transparency in your very flawed sensationalized arguments which use fear rather than the knowledge of proven statistics.

Daniel Keyes, La Plata