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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Charles County Board of Education honored employees who have retired since June 30, 2006, and those who have already announced their retirements at the end of the school year during a ceremony June 13 at the Jesse L. Starkey Administration Building.

Retirees are listed by name, last position held, location and years of service.

*Gary Aukerman, science teacher, La Plata High School, 33

*Hilda Barnes, secretary to the principal, General Smallwood Middle School, 39

*Lucille Boyette, guidance counselor, Mattawoman Middle School, 37

*Jeannie Brawner, special education instructional assistant, Walter J. Mitchell Elementary School, 27

*Susan Brewer, gifted education instructional specialist, Starkey Building, 38

*Kathleen M. Brown, teacher, Indian Head Elementary School, 31

*John D. Bryce, computer teacher, Maurice J. McDonough High School, 31

*Janelle Camp, secretary to the principal, J.C. Parks Elementary School, 10

*Geraldine Cecil, food service worker, John Hanson Middle School, 30

*Richard Conley, teacher⁄administrative assistant, La Plata, 33

*Mary B. Corsaro, family consumer science teacher, Westlake High School, 22

*Mary Ann Crist, special education teacher, Benjamin Stoddert Middle School, 17

*Janet Curnutte, food service worker, Westlake, 9

*Patricia Davidson, psychologist, C. Paul Barnhart Elementary School, 21

*Helen Donnick, secretary to the principal, McDonough, 16

*Barbie Evans, business insurance and benefits analyst, Starkey Building, 12.5

*Nicholas Falco, psychologist, Starkey Building, 29

*Esther Fletcher, food service manager, Dr. Samuel A. Mudd Elementary School, 18

*Carol Flewelling, language arts teacher, Mattawoman, 10

*Rachel Fowler, reading resource teacher, Smallwood, 31

*Sharon Gardiner, secretary to the assistant superintendent of instruction, Starkey Building, 33.5

*Barbara Graves, director of teacher services, Starkey Building, 39

*William Griffith, special education instructional assistant, Henry E. Lackey High School, 21

*Betty Hall, food service worker, La Plata, 29

*Margaret Harmon, secretary to the principal, North Point High School, 20

*Marie Henry, mathematics teacher, North Point, 31

*Karine B. Ingersoll, special education teacher, Westlake, 23

*Elvear Johnson, vice principal, Mudd, 36

*Carol Kenney, guidance counselor, Barnhart, 28

*Nancy Kenyon, teacher, Gale-Bailey Elementary School, 30

*Marci Kolitsch, home economics⁄family and consumer science teacher, Hanson, 30

*Marjorie Laubert, food service worker, La Plata, 12

*Gordon Lew, special education teacher, McDonough, 35

*Winifred Mahaney, guidance counselor, McDonough, 40

*Mary McManus, special education teacher, La Plata, 34

*Marie McNicholas, food service manager, Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer Elementary School, 10.5

*Joyce Mills, food service manager, Stoddert, 33.5

*Linda Musial, specialist in science⁄environmental education, Starkey Building, 31

*Hilda Osborne, English teacher, La Plata, 32

*Maria Papanicolas, food service manager, Westlake, 24

*Mary Ann Pearson, food service worker, Hanson, 6

*Cora Peevy, business education teacher, La Plata, 29.5

*Oleta Perotti, special education teacher, Milton M. Somers Middle School, 30

*Minnie Reynolds, director of minority achievement and multicultural education, Starkey Building, 43

*Joan Richard, secretary to the director, F.B. Gwynn Educational Center, 27

*Noreen Sahakian, program coordinator teacher, Starkey Building, 31

*Alexis Schaefer, media⁄librarian specialist, Somers, 35

*Patricia Schwier, science teacher, Thomas Stone High School, 34

*David Shadle, pupil personnel specialist, Starkey Building, 28

*Gloria Smith, teacher, Walter J. Mitchell Elementary School, 16

*Cynthia Sondheimer, guidance counselor, Malcolm Elementary School, 31

*Jesse Kay Trotter, speech therapist, Gale-Bailey, 27

*Louise E. Trudnak, instructional specialist, Starkey Building, 32

*Laraine Tuttle, media instructional assistant, Mattawoman, 17

*Marcia Vreatt, social studies teacher, Thomas Stone, 37

*Barbara Waid, food service manager, Hanson, 27

*Sharon Walker, mathematics teacher, Somers, 19.5

*Charlotte Welker-Gay, IEP facilitator, Starkey Building, 32

*Elizabeth Wern, teacher, T.C. Martin Elementary School, 41

*Sharon Young, mathematics teacher, La Plata, 34.


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