Marriage licenses

Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2008

May 23

Albert Louis Lutz Jr., 40, of Leonardtown and Lynda Beth Greenberg, 46, of Leonardtown.

John Christopher Hardman, 40, of Callaway and Gretchen Eileen Heinze, 39, of Charlotte Hall.

Luis Antonio Velazquez Jr., 25, of Boston and Andrea Lynn Evans, 24, of Boston.

Ermyas Assefaw, 22, of Lexington Park and Laura Kathryn Anderson, 27, of Lexington Park.

James Ignatius Gatton III, 24, of Lexington Park and Ashley Khristine Nelson, 21, of Lexington Park.

Matthew David Petree, 31, of Washington, D.C., and Jessica Elizabeth Rushing, 29, of Washington, D.C.

Nathaniel Abraham Meddaugh, 23, of Lexington Park and Tasha Lynn Marie Olden, 22, of Lexington Park.

May 27

Christopher Eugene Cutshaw, 29, of Lexington Park and Johna Elaine Sergi, 26, of Lexington Park.

Christopher Adrian Friedrich, 27, of Mechanicsville and Heather Elizabeth Graves, 27, of Mechanicsville.

David Mark Lehmann, 25, of Crofton and Isla Renee Wickhman, 26, of Mechanicsville.

Paul Joseph Callanan, 66, of California and Sandra Louise Hormuth, 66, of Mechanicsville.

May 29

Timothy Steven Frazier, 31, of Hollywood and Wendy Marie Barry, 28, of Hollywood.

May 30

Steven Edward Hodge, 27, of Lexington Park and Kelly Ann Miller, 25, of Lexington Park.

Gary Steven Schubert, 44, of Great Mills and Judith Marie Fillius, 51, of Great Mills.

Brian David Miskolczi, 22, of California and Cara Marie Trinidad, 23, of California.

June 2

Ronald Clayton Stonestreet, 43, of Bel Alton and Kristy Eve Latham, 37, of Lusby.

Jason Tyler Hernandez, 27, of Arlington, Va., and Charlotte Susan Morris, 24, of Arlington, Va.

Travis Christopher Wise, 25, of Lexington Park and Charlotte Elizabeth Browne, 21, of Lexington Park.

June 3

Wesley William Carter, 27, of California and Brooke Danielle Peterson, 27, of California.

Andrew Clayton Gray, 21, of Mechanicsville and June Renee St. Clair, 20, of Charlotte Hall.

Michael Anthony Pheulpin, 24, of Waldorf and Amanda Grace Barnas, 24, of La Plata.

James Patrick Haley II, 27, of California and Kristen Marie Cardinale, 27, of California.

June 4

Mark Allen Sebert, 24, of Pensacola, Fla., and Tabitha Faith Moreland, 22, of Lothian.

Edward Francis Lavalle, 31, of Lexington Park and Maranda Lea Jordan, 28, of Lexington Park.

June 5

Peter Shay Johnston, 31, of Durham, N.C., and Tiffani Ann Mattingly, 29, of Chaptico.

Joseph Barnett Norman, 21, of Mechanicsville and Rachel Nicole Carroll, 18, of Mechanicsville.

Steven Edward Colfack, 24, of North Beach and Shannon Leigh Cruz, 24, of North Beach.

Dale Eugene Dyer, 51, of Lexington Park and Teresa Marie Law, 48, of Lexington Park.

Timothy Daniel Johnson, 20, of Great Mills and Vivian Marie Ramos Dompenciel, 18, of Great Mills.

John Wesley Lonkert IV, 28, of Lexington Park and Julie Ann McInnes, 28, of Lexington Park.

Michael Robert Mravca, 26, of Leonardtown and Gwendolyn Theresa Degentesh, 28, of Leonardtown.

Behn Winslow Trader, 22, of Wilmington, Del., and Megan Elizabeth Cathey, 24, Newark, Del.

Timothy Philip Herzog, 33, of Bozeman, Mont., and Jennifer Lee Miller, 37, Bozeman, Mont.

Dhiraj Gautam, 31, of Lexington Park and Harmony Susan Grim, 28, of Lexington Park.

June 6

Paul Theadore Kryzwdik Jr., 36, of Leonardtown and Diane Elizabeth Silks, 31, of Leonardtown.

Andrew Michael Sapp, 22, of Hughesville and Lindsey Jade Morrill, 21, of Hughesville.

Randy Allen Fowler Jr., 26, of Mechanicsville and Heather Marie Anderson, 24, of Mechanicsville.

Michael Steven Pleger, 37, of El Cajon, Calif., and Corina Gail Rizzuto, 30, of El Cajon, Calif.

Wayne William Stone Jr., 35, of Mechanicsville and Stefanie Ann Sweeney, 27, of Mechanicsville.

Mai Van Nguyen, 38, of Lexington Park and Phuong Thi Nguyen, 27, of Lexington Park.

Steven Jew On, 47, of Lexington Park and Margaret Ngo Uy, 34, of Lexington Park.

Matthew John Sargent, 23, of Hartford, Conn., and Meghan Fitzgerald Quinn, 24, of Hartford, Conn.

Christopher Anthony Avery, 21, of Patuxent River and Amber Dawn Pratt, 18, of Patuxent River.

June 9

William Henry Bowman, 48, of Lexington Park and Sharon Elaine Hebb, 47, of Lexington Park.

Brent Allen Pritchard, 23, of Mechanicsville and Michelle Portacio Lepper, 29, of Mechanicsville.

Ronald Gene French, 44, of Leonardtown and Donna Michelle Lawson, 34, of Leonardtown.

June 10

Christopher Michael Steckowski, 21, of Great Mills and Angelina Dawn Greenwell, 20, of Great Mills.

Jason Christopher Agamaite, 36, of Great Mills and Christie Lynn Nelson, 30, of Great Mills.

Donald Girard Gross, 37, of Leonardtown and Tashorey Nichole Hebb, 28, of Lexington Park.

Anthony Enrico Del Puppo, 30, of Bel Air and Jamie Marie Frey, 24, of Perry Hall.

Derek Brandle Jefferson, 26, of Leonardtown and Dana Michelle Atlas, 32, of Leonardtown.

June 11

Darris Lee George, 33, of Great Mills and Sherrell Williams, 34, of Great Mills

William Lawrence Long, 34, of California and Michelle Lynn Humphrey, 30, of California.

June 13

Anthony Keith Noll, 46, of Mechanicsville and Keli Renee Miller, 41, of Waldorf.

Eric Paul Reiber, 23, of Baltimore and Katie Meredith Woods, 24, of Baltimore

June 16

John Allen Bateman, 41, of Lexington Park and Helen LouAnn Porretti, 41, of Lexington Park.