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(Breaking news) All sporting events at North Point cancelled

Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2009

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For information on times and locations of sporting events at North Point High School, go to and select the athletic schedule on the athletics link.

Posted at 4:53 p.m. Tuesday

Due to faulty light poles, practices and games occurring in the evening at North Point High School have either been rescheduled or relocated.

According to a press release from Charles County Public Schools, four light poles at North Point have visible cracks.

The poles were manufactured by a Fort Worth, Texas, company named Whitco Co. which manufactured several poles which have fallen in other areas, according to information reported to Superintendent of Schools James E. Richmond.

According to the release, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission issued an alert about the possible risk of the poles. Nationwide, nine poles have fallen since 2000 and nearly 50 other Whitco poles have been found to have cracks.

The discovery of cracks in the poles was the reason for relocating the North Point vs. Henry E. Lackey football game Friday night.

The school system had engineers examine the poles where additional cracks were discovered.

According to the release, North Point is the only school using light poles manufactured by Whitco. and all four will be removed as requested by Richmond.

"With the information we have now, we are not taking any chances. The result of not removing the poles could be devastating," Richmond said in the release.

According to the release, it will take two days to remove the poles weather permitting. The school system intends to replace the four poles but use the existing light fixtures.

The school system has not determined how long it will take to replace the poles.

All games scheduled on the field will either be rescheduled for daytime or relocated. Teams affected include football, girls and boys soccer, and field hockey.

All activities which take place on this field including ROTC practice and gym classes will also be relocated until the poles are removed.

The USCPSC has issued statements that engineers are looking for the cause of the failure in the poles.


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