(Breaking news) Cabezas indicted for murder

Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2009

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Posted at 5:08 p.m. Tuesday

A Charles County grand jury recently indicted the 51-year-old woman charged with the first-degree murder of her husband, whom she is accused of shooting during a domestic dispute, according to court records.

Witnesses found Janet L. Cabezas holding a handgun in the backyard of her Bryans Road home the evening of July 20, according to court papers. Cabezas asked the witnesses to go inside and check to see if her husband, Steven C. Cabezas Sr. was dead, the document indicated.

Steven Cabezas, who was found lying in the home's living room, had been shot once in the head and three times in the back, a prosecutor said at the bond hearing for Janet Cabezas.

Cabezas was charged in district court with first-degree murder and first-degree assault. After indictment, she also faces two counts of using a handgun to commit a felony or violent crime.

The 51-year-old woman had filed two protective orders against her husband, Steven Cabezas. She claimed in 2008 that her husband grabbed her by the throat and held her head underwater and also assaulted his daughter. Police charged Steven Cabezas with two counts of second-degree assault in connection with the incident.

Prosecutors later dismissed the charges. Janet Cabezas asked the court to rescind and dismiss the protective orders.

Waldorf man charged with scheming to steal from Starbucks

All it took was some swift work on the cash register, and barista Joshua Terrance Bowman was pocketing thousands of dollars belonging to his employer, court documents allege.

Until the Starbucks corporate office noticed the "unusual transactions," the document stated.

The 22-year-old former employee at the Starbucks in Waldorf MarketPlace was recently indicted into Charles County Circuit Court on a charge of theft scheme of more than $500.

Bowman, of Waldorf, started working at Starbucks in January, and in mid-March he began to undercharge customers and take extra cash for himself, his supervisor told police. Bowman's spoils totaled about $2,500, which he had stolen across about 75 days, according to court papers.

According to a Starbucks district manager, Bowman would ring up a customer, give the total and take the cash payment. Bowman would then delete the customer's order and ring up a cheaper item, his charging document stated. He gave the customer correct change for the original order, made sure there was enough cash in the drawer to cover the cost of the cheap item and took the leftover money for himself, according to the documents.

Bowman was charged July 31 and was indicted Sept. 4. His arraignment is scheduled for Oct. 9.