Towson students honored

Friday, Nov. 28, 2008

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Towson University graduate students are honored earlier this year by the university for completing requirements toward their master's degrees at the Southern Maryland Higher Education Center.

The 10th annual Towson University recognition ceremony for graduate students completing their master's degrees was held Aug. 11 at the Southern Maryland Higher Education Center in California. Approximately 100 guests honored the 28 students attending the ceremony.

Towson graduate students and honorees included Harry Arnold, Cynthia Baden, Erin Baker, Stefanie Buzby, Brandy Carlson, Lisa Collins, Amanda Connelly, Rachel Csanadi-Schwartz, Noni Evans, Virginia Fusaro, Cathy Garret-Novak, Robert Henderson, Brenda Hinsdale, Tiffany Jenkins, April Moore, Dawn Murphy-Marshall, Rayna O'Roark, Andrea Papagno, Cary Smith, Ann-Marie Thompson, Donna Thorstensen, Blonda Tillman, Lorri Wathen, Maria Weber, Cara Wedding, Tina White, Carol Wolfe and Deigh Young.

These students completed their master's degrees in a variety of fields, all through Towson University programs offered at the center.

Towson faculty members in attendance who were recognized and given certificates of appreciation included Sharon Brown, Mary Moreland, Charlie Purcell, Hank Scharles and Alyssa Zumpano.

Distinguished guests who assisted in the recognition of the honorees were John Desmone, coordinator of higher education centers for Towson; Mel Powell, executive director of SMHEC; Cinda Raley, Towson program coordinator; and Alyssa Zumpano, Towson site coordinator.