Is public to believe editorial was serious commentary?

Wednesday, Dec. 9, 2009

Your Dec. 2 editorial wrongly infers the fix is in and the board of county commissioners has already decided to accept the pay raise and its call for a bill and public hearing is nothing more than a pretense ["The wrong time to discuss raises," Maryland Independent]. The claim is not supported by the facts.

As a member of the Charles County Planning Commission, which is one of the government boards and commissions directly impacted by the recent compensation committee recommendations, including the treasurer and judges of the orphans court, I say shame on you.

Notwithstanding, the paper's editorial, which drips with sarcasm toward the commissioners, the commissioners' president agrees with the premise that this is not the time for a pay increase, a sentiment he made public in the newspaper by comment and letter. Nonetheless, the Independent cheapens the earnestness of its case which it has a right to make by its demeaning comments concerning the commissioners' president and his colleagues. Moreover, with a glib tone of condescension and palpable disdain the editorial staff dismisses the duties of the commissioners as no more important than a social club, which is silly; therefore, are we to believe that this editorial is a serious commentary?

The Independent and the political minions who are running around the county craving attention didn't seem to care about the compensation committee's work when it held its public hearing July 27.

No one attended the advertised hearing. A reporter did show up but I don't recall seeing any coverage or editorials expressing outrage by the Maryland Independent at the prospect of possible pay raises. I trust the editorial staff would agree that subjecting the report and the recommendations to the scrutiny of a public hearing in a rational and deliberate manner is the best way to make public policy decisions, not an editorial rant.

Joe Richard, La Plata